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What is it about dogs and car advertising?

The folks at Land Rover are using a black Great Dane in their latest ad for the Range Rover Evoque:

What is it about using dogs in car advertising?  I think it is that most dogs enjoy car travel and being in the company of their family whether it is running the weekly errands or on a family vacation.

What do you think?

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Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk

This month, Ralph Lauren, has chosen to feature rescue dogs in showing his Fall 2013 Accessories Collection.  This collection includes items of dog apparel, such as cashmere sweaters!  (October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month, by the way)

If you buy any of the featured items between 15 October and 15 November, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA.

And now…..Ralph Lauren presents The Dog Walk:

Is the chocolate labrador a Volkswagen fan?

Dogs have been used in advertising for a long time – it’s not a new trend.  Anyone who likes dogs will spot the ads that use a dog and they are more likely to remember the product or service.

Today I spotted this ad on a local website for a car dealership.

Is the Chocolate Labrador a Volkswagen fan?

Miles Continental banner


I love it when dogs are used in advertising. Some ads are better than others. My current favorite is from appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel.

I love the use of black & white and the dog theme. What do you think?

The dog behind Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Open a copy of United Airlines’ flight magazine and there will be a full page ad of a man and his dog.  The ad is for Tito’s Handmade Vodka, a vodka made in Texas.   The man is Tito, and the dog is resident distillery dog, Roscoe.


United is now serving Tito’s vodka, which is huge exposure for a company with humble beginnings.  The company also has a long association with animal rescue.

Over 30 homeless dogs and cats that have passed though the distillery grounds and all have been brought to good health and absorbed by Tito’s employees or their extended family.  The company also sponsors Emancipet‘s low-cost spay/neuter programs through events like its annual fundraising luncheon.

Roscoe was a rescue dog, too.  After claiming that Roscoe winked at him, Tito had a yard fenced and a house built for him.  He is now the ‘poster dog’ for the brand.

Dogs and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Now more than ever, there are products for you and your dog so you can support the cause and show your love of dogs at the same time.

Here are some examples:

Hyper Pet Fetch For A Cause™ Tennis Balls are available from Pet 360

The Hyper Pet Fetch For A Cause™ Hyper Flippy Flopper Flying Disk is also available from Pet 360

Dog-themed key chains with the pink ribbon motif are available from

A range of doggy t-shirts including this one are available from

Breast Cancer flip-flops (or jandals in the southern hemisphere) are available through Cafe Press

Border collie does his bit for Guinness

I’m a bit late with this one for St Patrick’s Day, but it is still worth watching.  Watch this Border Collie ’round up his mates for a Guinness.’

Subaru’s latest dog commercial – camping

Subaru (USA) has added to its repertoire of dog-themed commercials.  This one is about camping.

Subaru has recognised that dog owners are a market niche – and cater to their needs with models like the Forester.  Ads by Subaru are common in US dog magazines.

Too bad Subaru in NZ hasn’t caught on to the dog-owning public…time will tell!

Weego promotes rescue dogs (and beer)

Another dog-themed commercial at this year’s Super Bowl was for Bud Light beer.  It features a rescue dog named Weego and his training to fetch a Bud Light for whomever says “Here We Go”

It’s cute and yes – it sells beer.   But, please note the encouragement to Help Rescue Dogs at the end of the commercial.

Dogs and the Super Bowl

I’ve never been much of an American football fan, but I tip my hat to the people at Volkswagen who are airing a new commercial during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

Volkswagen has paired dogs with a Star Wars  The Empire Strikes Back theme to announce their latest offering.

Two weeks ago they launched this ‘teaser’ on the YouTube site:

And then they’ve followed it up with the full commercial:

Volkwagen of course isn’t the first car company to use dogs in advertising.  Subaru has been using dog-themed commercial for several years to market its SUV-style models to dog owners.