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Dogs don’t like Mondays either

I realized that quite a few of my latest posts have been about serious issues…so I decided to liven things up with a bit of fun for your Monday.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of dogs who enjoy Mondays about as much as we do!

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of



Singing in the rain

It’s raining and blowing a gale in Christchurch today.  So I thought I’d share this little video to cheer everyone up!



Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Box of chocolates

Caught on camera

Sometimes when the house goes really quiet, it pays to investigate.

This morning, I found Daisy in the kitchen rubbish bin….

Daisy eating out of the rubbish

Funny dog video for a Friday – the Sad Dog Diary

After a long and busy week, it’s time to clear the emails from the inbox and find something funny to make me laugh…

Found something!  It’s called the Sad Dog Diary.  I hope you enjoy it too!

The 2013 World Series (the puppies knew it all along)

My heart belongs to the Boston Red Sox.  Always has, always will.

The shine of their 2013 World Series win hasn’t come off yet (after all, it’s not even been a week!)  However, at this point I would like to remind everyone that the Golden Retriever puppies predicted the Red Sox win on Jimmy Fallon.

Dogs have an intuition that we are only beginning to understand!



I come with 2 subwoofers

A new dog massage service?

Thought for Friday…

Should I start offering couples massage?

A new way to look at dog massage

Double take

Dog costume

I’m generally not in support of dressing up dogs in costumes…but take a closer look at this one…

Happy Easter!


The official account of PC Peach

PC Peach is a German Shepherd police dog at the center of a dispute between West Midlands police and the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK.

Peach’s fellow officers were annoyed when the Crown Prosecution Service requested a witness statement from PC Peach, clearly not realising that Peach was a dog.  So, to vent a little frustration at the Service, an officer filled out a witness statement for Peach:

Peach's witness statement

Peach’s witness statement

The joke ruffled feathers at the Crown Prosecution Service and a complaint was filed.  The officer who shared the statement via social media is now under investigation.

A little humour in the workplace is a good thing, in my opinion, and a healthy of way of blowing off steam in a stressful employment environment.   I hope that the investigators don’t get too ‘PC’ in following up on the official account of PC Peach.

Source:  The Daily Mail