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Most balls caught by a dog (with paws in one minute)

This title, granted by the Guinness Book of World Records this year,  belongs to a beautiful Beagle named Purin.

She’s quite the goalie!

And every dog shall have his tag & collar

This is truly a multi-dog household. Look at all the beautiful collars!

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A little project we have been working on for a while now has been outfitting each of the dogs with a tag and collar of their own.
It’s amazing how such a simple project for one dogs becomes a
mountain of a project for twenty-something.
Smiles and enthusiastic wags abound!

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Power Struggles at Run A Muck Ranch

So it’s not only greyhounds who take over the furniture!

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Sundays are couch cover laundry days, which means I have to remove them.

Today, Willy took issue with my timing.

Which part of DO NOT DISTURB do you not understand?!?!?! Which part of “DO NOT DISTURB” do you not understand?!?!?!

You can tell from the look in his eye and the digging in of his body that he was NOT going to yield.

Eventually, Willy moved on, but not before he hung the “Maid Service Requested” sign.

Good to know who’s in charge!

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Where’r We Goin?!

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DASH! in route to his special DASH! and Mom only walk.  DASH! in route to his special DASH! and Mom only walk.  Sometimes I think it’s the ride and not the walk that he gets most excited about.  

Never forget that often times it’s not the destination, but the journey.  Whether it’s to the gas station or visiting with friends, no dog would pass up the opportunity to go for a ride.  Don’t waste opportunities.

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Wordless Wednesday, part 52

Thanks for the toys and the newspaper Oct 2014Blog Hop

Sports Bras: Not Just For Athletes

Sports bras: the latest in dog rehabilitation equipment?

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Sarah got a pretty bad cut on her ‘good’ front leg late Tuesday afternoon.  Not bad enough for stitches, and we already had Tramadol at home, so we decided to hold off on going to the ER, instead deciding to see how she was the next day to determine if she needed to go to the day vet.

Despite being superficial, the cut was very painful, meaning Sarah didn’t want to put weight on the leg.  Remember, Sarah already has a bad front leg.  With the good leg injured, Sarah couldn’t walk at all.  Every attempt at a step ended with a face plant.  Though I steadied her with her collar, it seemed like all I was doing was insisting she stand while choking her.

Somewhere in the sleepless night, my already scattered brain came up with an idea:

Yes, Sarah is wearing one of my sports bras.  Yes, Sarah is wearing one of my sports bras.

Mock me all you want, but whenever Sarah couldn't get up or was unsteady on her feet, I  was able to stablize her. Mock me…

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The Dog in the Hospital

Great story from The Boston Globe which shows dogs are medicine for the soul.  In this article (linked below), read about Mike Hurley and his therapy dog, Dexter.  This pair worked behind the scenes with Boston bombing victims and their families and continue to spread cheer amongst patients at the Center.

Photo by Suzanne Kreiter, Boston Globe

Photo by Suzanne Kreiter, Boston Globe

The Dog in the Hospital – Metro – The Boston Globe.