Will my dog’s massage be covered by our insurance?

I’ve recently had a couple of clients ask me this and so I’ve begun to investigate the various New Zealand pet insurance firms and their coverage to ensure I am giving clients the right answer.

The short answer is:  it depends.

I’ll add  information in other blog postings  as I receive it.  First off the blocks is Pet-n-Sur, a 100% New Zealand owned and operated firm.  I was very impressed by the speed in which this company responded to my questions and I notice that they are recommended by a number of SPCA branches.

Elana Vorster is Pet-n-Sur’s Claims Manager.  She says, “Our  Silver, Gold and Platinum policies all provide coverage for alternative therapies which are things such as physiotherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy.  The payment limits are comparatively lower than for traditional veterinary care but they give the client the opportunity to try alternative therapies to see if they work for their dog.”

Ms Vorster says Pet-n-Sur will check the pet’s health record at the vet to ensure that the vet has recommended physiotherapy and that the dog’s injury occurred during a period where your insurance was in place (e.g. not a pre-existing condition).

Your vet does not have to specify a provider for the physiotherapy services – so you are free to choose someone you are comfortable with.

When you bring your dog for massage treatment, you should have a GST receipt to show what treatment has been given and your therapist should also keep records of what was done during the treatment in case these are requested as documentation to support the claim.

The good news:  I already meet these requirements.

Every massage client is given a GST receipt at the end of their therapy session and I keep records on each and every dog I treat.  More importantly, I’m happy to provide any insurer with evidence of my professional training and certifications.

Below  is information on Pet-n-Sur’s cover for alternative therapy, including massage.

There are now several providers of pet insurance in New Zealand and so it pays to check on limits of coverage and premiums to ensure you buy the one that is likely to meet your needs.

Pet-n-Sur policy type Level of reimbursement for alternative therapies
Maximum payable per year
Silver 70% $150.00
Gold 80% $250.00
Platinum 85% $350.00

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