Will my dog’s massage be covered by our insurance – Part 2

I have continued to track down information about pet insurance in New Zealand and, more specifically, whether massage therapy is covered.

There is more good news, this time from Petplan.

Petplan has 30 years of experience in the UK providing pet insurance, which is one reason why their brochures can be found in many vet surgeries in New Zealand.  A good number of our vets go overseas for experience and so they become familiar with pet insurance products (which are more popular in other countries – but are growing in popularity here).

Petplan policies are underwritten by a third party, Allianz New Zealand Insurance Limited.   The company responded to my enquiry through their website in approximately two working days – not a bad response time – by sending me a copy of their policy wording.  This document is lengthy and takes time to get through, but the company also takes telephone calls through its customer service number to ask any questions about the coverage – so don’t be put off by the legalistic (insurance) wording.

Dogs must be between 8 weeks and 8 years of age to be insured for the first time, with the exception of defined ‘select breeds’ who must be covered before they reach the age of 5.

As with Pet-n-Sur (previously reviewed), the essential part of the process is to ensure your vet has placed a note on your dog’s file that they recommend physiotherapy.   Petplan will want to make sure that the physiotherapy is for a specified illness or injury.  You are then able to select your provider, making them aware that they must be willing to fill out the relevant portions of the Petplan claim form.

Petplan considers complementary therapies as part of its overall reimbursement limits for veterinary care and so the limits for reimbursement are comparatively quite high.  As with most insurance companies, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Reminder: There are now several providers of pet insurance in New Zealand and so it pays to check on limits of coverage and premiums to ensure you buy the one that is likely to meet your needs.

Here is a breakdown of the company’s coverage by dog plan (which includes all veterinary care including physiotherapy treatments):

Budget Dog Plan Standard Dog Plan Supreme Dog Plan
$9,000 per year $14,000 per year $18,000 per year

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