Will my dog’s massage be covered by our insurance – Part 3

Today I met staff at Ellenco Pet Insurance Ltd to discuss their coverage of complementary therapies.  Ellenco has the honour of not only being 100% New Zealand owned and operated, but also the insurer with the longest record of providing pet insurance in New Zealand – 21 years.

Jenny Ellenbroek, Manager at Ellenco, says, “Our main concern with complementary therapies is that the owner has taken the pet to their vet for a diagnosis and the vet has referred the pet for complementary therapy treatment.”

“We are very concerned that some pet owners are taking their pets to therapists who have no proper training or education and encourage pet owners to check qualifications carefully.”

As with providers Pet-n-Sur and PetPlan (previously reviewed), Ellenco will ensure that the vet has noted the need for therapy on the pet’s file and that the injury/illness occurred during a period when the pet was insured. The company may ask for notes from your therapist, so you need to ensure that your therapist keeps records of each treatment.  (Good news – I again meet these requirements)

Ellenco’s website is easy to navigate and is apparently scheduled for an upgrade which should increase functionality.  The company rep responded to my website enquiry within two days (a good response time).  He referred me to Jenny almost immediately to ensure he was giving me the ‘right’ answers about coverage and requirements for claims.

Below is information on Ellenco’s cover for alternative therapy, including physiotherapy.

Reminder: There are now several providers of pet insurance in New Zealand and so it pays to check on limits of coverage and premiums to ensure you buy the one that is likely to meet your needs.

Ellenco policy type Level of rebate for alternative therapies Limit per policy period
Base 70% $250.00
Ultra 80% $300.00
Premier 85% $400.00
Ellenco also offers a Jade Plan.   Under this policy, there are no limits for complementary treatments and a maximum refund per policy period of $12,000 applies for traditional veterinary care.

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