Alma mater dogs – The University of Georgia Bulldog

In this, the 2nd in my ongoing series about canine university mascots, I cover the University of Georgia Bulldog.

Official bulldogs have been given the name Uga (derived from the University of GeorgiA)  and their lineage is traced like royalty (imagine the Bulldog equivalent of Queen Elizabeth II).  In fact, the Seiler family has, through its breeding programme, supplied every University of Georgia bulldog for the last 56 years.

Russ, the current ‘temporary’ University of Georgia bulldog mascot will be promoted to the official title of Uga IX on September 15, 2012.

Later this month, Uga IX will officially take up his reign as the University’s mascot.  He is currently known as Russ and he’s the half-brother of Uga VII, who died in 2009.  Russ has served as an interim mascot for 23 football games and has worked hard enough to officially be promoted into the role of the University’s mascot.

The Bulldog is the icon of the University and appears on other parts of the campus beyond athletics.

Fans of the University can join the Bulldog Club for special promotions and ticket discounts.  Students can deposit into their Bulldog Bucks accounts and use their funds to purchase meals and other merchandise from shops and dining halls at the campus.  The alumni association also recognises the top 100 Bulldog Businesses – that’s the top 100 businesses created by University of Georgia graduates.

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