Before it was The Balanced Dog, the business was called Canine Catering because my first foray into natural health was to develop and sell a range of preservative-free dog treats and cakes.  We still sell these treats, which can be ordered online through our website.

As the original niche baker of dog treats in New Zealand, we still offer a bake-to-order service so if you don’t like a particular ingredient or if your dog has special needs, I can work up a recipe that suits.

Since the practice is focused on natural health, we offer some niche products that are hard to find in New Zealand – things like triple-headed toothbrushes and an emotional nutrition range of bach flower remedies that have been combined with homeopathics.

I’m always interested in expanding my range.  If you are looking for a New Zealand agent for your product(s) and are prepared to ship to New Zealand, please get in touch.


2 responses to “Products

  1. Do you have a Baily chair that I can purchase for my German Shepherd? Is is roughly 35 pounds and we are hoping get her closer to 60. Please call 7578310029

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