I have been a dog person all of my life.  Growing up in the USA, a few of our first school reading books were ‘Dick and Jane’ stories.  Dick had a dog; Jane a cat.

I always wondered why Jane couldn’t have the dog…

Fast forward a few decades and several dogs later (I got my first dog at aged 10, when my parents thought I was old enough to take on the responsibility)….

I adopted my English Pointer, Daisy, in 2003 and she reacted badly to many commercial foods and treats.  And in learning to manage her health conditions, I not only made my own recipes for her treats, but I started researching natural health for animals – my science and research skills came in handy to do this.  (I am a geologist by training and worked full-time in the environmental science industry for a solid 24 years).

By 2007, I decided to go into business and we started selling made-to-order dog treats that were ‘Daisy tested and approved.’  However, I wanted to do more than bake treats and, drawing on my background as an environmental scientist, I decided to pursue qualifications in natural health for dogs.

In 2009, I added canine therapeutic massage to the company practice.  Around this time, I also started writing for a New Zealand based pet website.  Unfortunately, the site didn’t last for too long and so I decided that I could still write (and more frequently) by going solo and established this blog in 2010.

Each year, I undertake at least one activity for professional development but I am probably most proud of my Fear Free certification attained in 2018.  I’ve done a lot of behavioral training including at the famous Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  I became the first Fear Free certified massage and rehab practitioner in New Zealand, as an ongoing commitment to my clients to work with their sometimes painful and uncomfortable dogs without causing additional stress.

In 2021, I was proud to be selected by accounting software company, Xero, to feature in one of their customer stories.  This video includes actual customers (human and dog) of my practice and my greyhound, Izzy.

I hope you enjoy this blog about everything dog.  Feel free to comment and contribute and you can reach me through my website at The Balanced Dog.

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8 responses to “About

  1. G’Day 🙂 I’m Tahlia. I keep a blog about the RSPCA dogs I foster and just found your site today. It’s great! Keep up the good writing.

  2. HI Kathleen just read your article in NZKC re pets & the lack of activities for pet owners . Having just come from Sydney i do agree. We have the million paws walk ,, annual pet days ,, Pet Expo, dogs dayout ,, dog cafes & even the councils get in onthe act & have an annual microchip day with other assorted doggy themed activites even local vets have stalls there to give advice & promote themselves .
    Being a breeder i held picnics for my customers & am hoping to start up again here. The show ring is another avenue i try to steer my customers down they can meet me at a show & i can assist them with their grooming or they can participate in a pet parade — these are great social occasions, everyone enjoys showing off their furry friend especially if there are others in similar situations to share with & in our ever changing world i can only see our furry friends playing a much bigger role in our lives .

    Im enjoying your site . regards Caz & the hounds

    • Hi there, Caz

      Good to hear from you. I think it is up to us as dog lovers to change the culture and ensure more pet events and so your ideas are great. Keep up the good work and thanks for getting in touch.

  3. I love dog blogs. Glad I found you.

  4. Love your blog, I always try to give my Groodle – Sheena, home baked natural treats, but with busy lifestyle its not that easy. however, I buy premium/ natural food for her – Ziwipeak ..

    • Thanks for reading my blog; pet parents are really lucky these days to have a much better range of food and treats to choose from with new products coming available regularly. It pays to read the labels and understand what you are reading because the marketers use terms designed to deceive!

  5. I have a blue dog would like to show you: if you still receiving emails here

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