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The record for most dogs in a costume parade

The Guiness Book of World Records certified a new record on July 27th in San Diego, California and Petco Park, home of the  San Diego Padres baseball team.

The record was for the number of costumed dogs in a parade and the new record was 337 – lots more than the 200+ of the previous record.

Baseball parks from around the United States hold ‘bring your dog to the baseball game’ events each year.    New Zealand is currently gripped with Rugby World Cup fever, but somehow I doubt people here are ready to see dogs at Eden Park for an All Blacks test…

I hope you enjoy this video of the big day in San Diego.

Dogs as bed partners

Bedmaker Sleepyhead has released the results of New Zealand’s largest sleep survey.  The survey aimed to assess the sleeping habits of New Zealanders, primarily to make the connection between bedding and quality sleep.

The survey found that 60% of New Zealanders share their bed with a partner every night, 12% of us share our beds with our dogs or cats.

So, if you sleep with your dog – you are not alone!

(One of the benefits not mentioned in the survey is that your dog is an excellent bed warmer on cold winter nights.  Whereas a hot water bottle or wheat bag will cool down overnight, your warm and furry dog maintains your bed at a constant temperature.)

Love your dog survey results

Australian website PawClub surveyed dog owners from across Australia about their dogs.  Some of the more revealing responses to their How Much Do You Love Your Dog survey are:

  • When asked who they spend more time with and given the choice between their dog, partner, and all relatives including parents – 73% said their dog.
  • When asked who they spend more money on each month – their partner or their dog – 76% said their dog.

78% of respondents take their dog to the vet for a health check (at least once per year) and 51% reported that they walk their dog each day.

Over 80,000 dog owners participated in the survey.

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand