Labels on dog food and treats

I’m going to get on my soapbox a minute about dog food labelling here in New Zealand.  Today I was in the supermarket and, as you do when you are in a dog-related business, I took a stroll down the dog food aisle.   The “Proudly Made in NZ” label caught my eye….

This product is being marketed as a canine health supplement, an omega-3 biscuit for dogs.   Some of the ingredients seem okay but then I see the claim “No added flavours or food colours” – but guess what one of the ingredients is?  CARAMEL!

So you have to wonder why caramel is an essential ingredient in a health supplement.   Caramel is an additive for both flavour and colour .    I would argue that this ingredient is absolutely not necessary and that it is added to make the product more appealing.

Please read the labels on all of your dog’s treats and food (you probably should make this a habit for all of your family’s food!).   Become an educated consumer and only feed your dog what you would want to eat yourself as part of a healthy diet.

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