Take your dog to work day 2011

Take Your Dog to Work Day is Friday, 24th June this year.

This day is used to help raise funds for animal care organisations around the world  as employers sponsor special events for employees and their dogs.  It has also become an opportunity to introduce employers to the benefits of a dog-friendly workplace.

The folks at Pet Sitters International started this event back in 1999 and their website gives you lots of useful information about how to get your employer on board, tips for success, and event ideas.

Their tips for Dog Day Success include:

  • designating some areas as off-limits to cater to employees who do not want to participate
  • having regular breaks for dog walks, possibly offering the services of a dog walker
  • ensuring all dogs are kept on leash
  • making sure employees have alternative arrangements if their dogs get sick or are unhappy in the office

There’s still time to organise your own Take Your Dog to Work Day for this year!

Kathleen Crisley, Fear-Free certified professional and specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand


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