What’s its name?

Choosing the ‘right’ name for your dog and puppy is just as important as naming your children.   People will make assumptions based on your dog’s name and act accordingly.  Just ask a Bozo about being treated like a clown… Or wonder why people aren’t interested in petting Killer…

And let’s face it – most books of names out there are focused on naming of babies – so you’ve got the added problem when your partner/parents/friends think you might be expecting when really you are only after the perfect puppy name.

Here’s the solution:  What’s Its Name by John Gordon is a naming guide specifically for dogs.  The book contains ‘1000 ways to dub your dog’ and it was written in 1999.  You can still buy copies of it on Amazon.com and other outlets including used booksellers.

Forgive the language.  John is a New Zealander and some of his references are related to rugby.  Otherwise, it’s an essential reference book for the dog lover.

This book will make an ideal Christmas gift (it isn’t too soon to start setting aside gifts for the holiday!)

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