Cool Collars for summertime heat

In Christchurch, we are starting to get some hot summer days.  I walk Daisy twice each day and our early morning walks ensure that we escape the summer heat.  However, the pavement heats up during the afternoons and even when we walk in the evening, it can be hot for Daisy.

That’s where the Cool-Collar comes in.  Made by D-Fa based in beautiful Wanaka, New Zealand, this collar features a reusable chill strip insert.  As the insert (or ice, if you use it instead) melts, it cools your dog’s neck and chest.  This helps them to manage the summer heat better as panting is really the only other option for them to cool down.

Daisy in her Cool-Collar - ready for walkkies!

Daisy poses for her close up, wearing a D-Fa Cool-Collar

I don’t recommend products often, but this is one that I definitely support.

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