Flavours Vineyard Cafe – a dog friendly cafe that’s close to home

My readers know that I am passionate about supporting dog-friendly establishments.  Dog-friendly accommodation and shopping are in short supply in New Zealand and so any establishment that embraces dogs and their owners gets my attention.

I’ve been driving by Flavours Vineyard Cafe for months but never had the opportunity to stop until we were on holiday (vacation for you overseas readers).  The cafe is located on the corner of West Coast Road (SH73) and Sandy Knolls Road, approximately 3 km from West Melton,  and has just celebrated its first anniversary.

A purpose-built American-style barn houses the cafe; the land was purchased specifically with a boutique vineyard in mind.  The cafe makes an effort to source and sell local products and best of all – it’s dog friendly!

The outdoor picnic tables have been covered with shade cloth and water is available for visiting dogs.  Horses are also welcome with room in the adjacent paddock.  Cafe manager Sam Judson says, “We get more dogs than horses, but all are welcome.”

Open every day except Wednesdays, a breakfast and daytime menu are available which include salads, pizza, fresh muffins and coffees.  On Fridays the cafe offers Pizza Night from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm for dine-in or takeaway.

We loved it, as these photos show.  Help support local Christchurch businesses and take your dog out to Flavours Vineyard Cafe today.

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One response to “Flavours Vineyard Cafe – a dog friendly cafe that’s close to home

  1. Sadly, this property was sold and the new owner terminated the lease on the cafe. Currently (January 2014), the site is empty and the vines that had been planted around the property have been left to die. Locals tell me that the new owner is seeking to lease the cafe space again…

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