Daniel’s story

Daniel looks like an ordinary beagle.  But he isn’t.  He’s a survivor – quite literally.

In October 2011, Daniel was placed in a gas chamber in Alabama to die with three other unwanted/unclaimed dogs.   The miracle is that Daniel survived the gassing (by carbon monoxide).  The folks at Eleventh Hour Rescue, a rescue organisation that aims to save dogs from high-kill shelters, heard about Daniel and took him to New Jersey to find a forever home.

After fostering, Daniel was re-homed with Joe and Geralynn Dwyer.  Mr Dwyer now is a guest speaker around the country to encourage the banning of gas chambers in the United States and Mr Dwyer is happy to promote Daniel as the face of the anti-gassing law.   The law has been called “Daniel’s Law” in honor of Daniel.    Pennsylvania is the most recent state to enact it.

Only 19 states in the USA have banned the use of gassing as a means of euthanising unwanted dogs and over 4 million animals are euthanised each year in the country.

Here are a couple of video clips of Daniel’s story, starting with his original fostering arrangement:

And on Anderson Cooper:

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