The Barkin’ Basin of Las Vegas

People who know me well would understand that my first stop on a trip to Las Vegas was a dog park (not a casino).  That’s what happens when you stay with a friend who owns four dogs.

I had never used a GPS before and so the nice man at Hertz programmed the directions to the corner of Alexander and Tenaya – the Barkin’ Basin at Wayne Bunker Park.

The Barkin’ Basin is a large area (7.75 acres according to the City of Las Vegas website) that has been divided into three fenced sections.  At the time I was there, one section was closed to allow the grass to re-grow.  (It’s very hot and dry in Las Vegas and so grass is not a natural phenomenon.)

The park is open from 7 am to 10 pm daily and offers some areas that are covered in shade cloth for owners and dogs to rest.  But, to be honest, it’s so hot in Las Vegas during the summer any caring dog owner would be there early or late.  I arrived after sunset and it was still very warm!

If you are traveling through Las Vegas on a dog friendly holiday, then you shouldn’t miss the Barkin’ Basin.  It comes highly rated by many dog owners.

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