The Throver – the throw made with dogs in mind

I don’t give product recommendations very often but I have to say that the Crypton® Throver is  made with the dog owner in mind.  These all-purpose throws come in various designs, some including dog motifs.  I purchased the Dogland pattern when I purchased my new settee.  Now both Daisy and I enjoy our new furniture.  Here she is.  She’s comfortable and happy and the settee isn’t covered in dog hair.

Throvers are made from Crypton® super fabric that is permanently stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant.   Made in the U.S.A., this fabric is perfect for the dog-owning household.  We’ve had our Throver for several months, it’s in constant use and it still looks new.  Pet beds and mess mats are also available in this durable fabric.

The Throver is more expensive than other throws on the market (currently retailing for $99.00 for a throw measuring 48″ x 54″) but it’s worth it.

Purchase your throver online from Crypton®.


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