New kennel cough vaccine offers dog owners and vets a choice

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new kennel cough (bordetella) vaccine made by pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim that is administered orally.

Branded as Bronchi-Shield® ORAL, the vaccine is mixed in the vet’s office and placed in the dog’s mouth  between the dog’s cheek and gum, an area known as the buccal cavity.

For dogs that don’t tolerate the intra-nasal form of vaccination, this form is likely to be an improvement.

Kennel cough has many strains and not all are considered bordetella.   As with other kennel cough vaccinations, the vaccine does not prevent your dog from coming down with bordetella or any of the many infectious respiratory diseases.   However, vaccination may help to reduce the severity of the illness if your dog does contract it and that allows for faster recovery.

Kennels in the United States report that the cost for this form of the vaccine is currently three times the cost of the traditional vaccine.  That’s because the product is new and only one pharmaceutical company is manufacturing it.  The price is likely to reduce over time as the vaccine becomes more widely used.

For more information about Bronchi-Shield® ORAL, visit the product website.

2 responses to “New kennel cough vaccine offers dog owners and vets a choice

  1. My vet apparently got mixed up and injected my 2 year old lab w this vaccine into his shoulder. He immediately prescribed antibiotic saying he injected live bacteria and now I must watch for sore shoulder and possibly absess. Any comments? I was scared! Will my dog be ok?

    • Hello Betsy,

      I’m not qualified to answer your question. I suggest that you consult another veterinarian in your area for a second opinion if you are concerned about your dog’s condition. Best wishes, Kathleen

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