A letter to my dog – NZ style

In February, I blogged about the wonderful website A Letter to My Dog, based in the United States.  (here’s the hyperlink to that blog posting).

Did you know that New Zealand has its own A Letter to My Dog site?  It started, just as the US site did, to support a book project.  In this case, the book will raise funds for Paw Justice and is sponsored by bookseller Whitcoull’s.  (The sponsors have now chosen their 30 stories for the book, but encourage owners to keep sharing their stories).

These sites are a wonderful read.  They celebrate how people feel about their dogs and the bond they share.  It’s something that all dog owners – past and present – understand.

Here are a few excerpts to heighten your interest:

Dear Sid,  you little goofball.
I will never forget what happened at 3 am on that cold Sunday morning,  me and Mike were walking home from town.  It was still dark, suddenly out of nowhere (you) this black dog came running up to us with this biggest grin and most waggy of tails.  At first I was a bit scared but then you started following us down the street. There were plenty of other people around that you could have followed, but you picked us. We took you to the pound but no one ever came for you, when the guys at the pound offered you to us, we just couldn’t say no.

Dear Lady,

It’s been three days since we said goodbye. I know you are in a happier place but I still miss you here with me. I think of you everyday. I imagine you everywhere I look. I imagine your happy face greeting me at the door when I get home. I hear you breathing peacefully asleep at the foot of my bed, but you’re not there. I think of you when I hear a dog bark or see people walking their dogs. And it makes me sad because I know I will never see you again, never play with you, play fetch with you, cuddle or kiss you.

Roy, you are such an awesome doggy.  I found you on that “Trademe” site. You were bought here on trial for a day and within hours we knew we were right for each other. You have such an awesome trusting nature.You are the light of my life Roy.

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