The Dickin medal – awarded posthumously

Theo, a Springer Spaniel, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal posthumously this week.

The award is likened to the Victoria Cross – for animals.  It recognises the recipient’s dedication to saving human life during military conflict.  The medal was established by the PDSA’s founder, Maria Dickin, in 1943.

Theo was partnered in Afghanistan by Lance Corporal Liam Tasker.  Tasker, 26, was shot by insurgents on March 1, 2011 while on patrol in the Helmand Province with Theo.  Theo died of a seizure shortly afterwards.

The award was accepted by Sergeant Matthew Jones and his dog Grace, both served with Lance Corporal Tasker and Theo.

The Telegraph has done a good job of covering this story and you can watch the video interview with Sergeant Jones and Tasker’s mother here.

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