Heska Corporation – Inspiration in Action

From now until 10 December, you can vote in the Inspiration in Action awards.  This contest encourages innovation in veterinary medicine and impacts the human experience through our bond with animals.   There will be three winners of the competition:

  • $25,000 Grand Prize winner
  • $10,000 2nd prize
  • $5,000 3rd prize

One vote per person, per day.

Visit the Heska website to read more about the six finalists.  They are:

  • Navajo Nation Veterinary Shuttle
  • Nicaraguan Human & Animal Health Program
  • Peter Emily International Veterinary Dentistry Foundation
  • All Dogs May Bite
  • Innovation Education for Equine Therapeutic Riding
  • Kindred Canines in Motion

6 responses to “Heska Corporation – Inspiration in Action

  1. Dr. Joyce Gerardi

    Hi Kathleen,
    This is Dr. Joyce Gerardi from KIM (Kindred-canines In Motion) and my deaf friend Ryan Smith. We were eating lunch and googled all the hits out there on KIM. We found you in New Zealand…. WOW. We are waiting to hear the official results from the HESKA contest still. However, we will be moving on to start the non-profit KIM and set up a website soon. Ryan is my technology support person and he is 17, deaf and will be one of the first persons KIM hopes to offer a job as we help many how depend on a Service dog.
    we need to raise funds to buy the high tech mobile hospital and I want to offer Adipose stem cell technology on a mobile basis to keep these special Paws in motion as long as possible! We look forward to speaking again. Here are some links regarding the KIM story you might like to look at.
    Ryan C. Smith and Dr. Joyce Gerardi


    • Hello Dr Gerardi and Ryan

      I look forward to hearing the contest results. My blog is an international one and I use it to inspire my clients in New Zealand with all of the ‘doggy things’ that are going on in the world. Since I am a mobile dog massage and rehab practitioner, I think what you are doing is a wonderful idea and I hope you are successful. I would love to stay in touch with you, and perhaps help you out on one of my trips to the USA. Please stay in touch.

      Kind regards,

    • Congratulations on the 2nd place prize. I’ve just listed the winners on DoggyMom.com

      • Thank you so much!
        Now we are getting started to seek sponsors and donations to acquire the funds needed to purchase a 24′ speciality Veterinary mobile hospital. Our web site is all set up now, to accept donations through PayPal at http://www.kindred-caninesinmotion.org.
        Thank you so much for following us. I love the encouragement!
        Joyce and Moore

  2. Dr. Joyce Gerardi

    Hi this is a you tube video with Ryan Smith. He wanted you to see him and Mr. Moore the Hearing Alert dog in action.
    Ryan C Smith 🙂

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