Pets’ Letters to God – recommended read

Pets' Letters to God

This little gift book is an ‘oldie but a goodie.’  Published in 1999 for Hallmark Cards, you can easily find this small, hardcover book in good condition in used book shops (a favourite haunt of most of my family and some friends) and of course online through used book sellers.

I think this book is particularly appropriate at this time of year, as the glow of the Christmas holiday period fades into the past fairly quickly and we return to work, with all of the stresses of commitments and demands on our time.

This book will give you heart! 

It looks at the major questions that our pets want have to ask God (in English, so we can understand)

Here are just a few of my favourite doggy letters:

Dear God,

Must I bark, or can you hear my thoughts?  – Flo-jo


Dear God,

When I get to Heaven, can I play Frisbee with my halo? – Nicky


Dear God,

Is it true that in purgatory there are 10 million cashmere sofas with porcupines sleeping on them? – Shannon

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