Investigating the NZ Greyhound racing industry


The Greyhound Protection League in New Zealand claims that there are over 10,000 greyhounds unaccounted for in the country at present, with a further one thousand unaccounted for annually.   You can sign a petition that requests that the relevant Ministers use their statutory powers to conduct an independent investigation into New Zealand’s greyhound racing industry, and that this information be made publicly available.

By signing this petition, you ask for an independent investigation that makes public:

  • The number of greyhounds bred and imported annually for the racing industry
  • The number of greyhounds retired annually through the Greyhounds as Pets scheme, other agencies or privately*
  • The number of injuries which occur annually in all racing-related activities (such as training, trialing, and competing)
  • The number of greyhounds euthanased annually due to race-related injuries
  • The number of greyhounds euthanased annually for other reasons (and what these reasons are).

*Private rehoming can typically fall into two categories: household pets or breeding stock for pig hunting. As the welfare implications of greyhounds as pig hunting stock may be significantly different than those of a household pet, it would be prudent to define whether a “private adoption” is for the purpose of hunting stock or pet.

Interested?  SIGN HERE.

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