This is Daisy letting me know she doesn’t like what is in her mouth.  For a dog that eats a  lot of things ranging from cat poo, duck poo and rabbit poo to homemade dog treats and premium dog food, this is saying something.

Last month, I blogged about Managing dental health.  Since then, Daisy and I have continued our journey and I have dutifully been brushing her teeth every night.  However, because of my interest in natural remedies, I bought something called ‘Clean Well Dental Gel’ to try.  This is an herbal gel for ‘fighting bacteria and freshening breath.’

I had my doubts as soon as I opened the bottle.  The smell wasn’t particularly appealing.  A little bit like the smell of lawn clippings that have stayed too long at the bottom of the waste bin.

From Daisy’s reaction, I think that’s about how well it tastes, too.

So we are back to brushing with poultry flavoured toothpaste.  We may try malt and beef, too.  But, if I want to make brushing a happy experience for both of us, this herbal stuff is off the menu.

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