The ‘miracle’ of weight loss

I caught up with an acquaintance this week who had asked me a while ago for a recommendation of a vet who could give her a second opinion on her dog’s heart condition.  Her Chihuahua was on many different medications for heart problems and she was not happy with her health or progress.

So I asked her how things were going…and she told me that she had managed to get her dog off all medications.

The miracle cure?  ‘We’ve taken one kilo (2.2 pounds) off of her’

Wow.  A Chihuahua is a very small dog and so a kilo of extra weight is definitely classed as obesity.  Here’s what an obese Chihuahua looks like:

An obese Chihuahua

An obese Chihuahua

It is in your dog’s best interest to manage their weight and keep it in the healthy range.  This is usually achieved with a combination of exercise and a proper diet.

Obesity shortens lives!

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