Veterinarian Dr Jean Dodds is the inventor of patented NutriScan, a saliva test for food intolerance and sensitivities.

Many people confuse food allergy with intolerance.  Intolerances are the third most common disorder found in dogs and symptoms can include itchy skin or irritable bowel problems.   When people seek out my advice on nutrition, it is often because they know their dog is having a reaction to their food.   Sometimes, picking the culprit is easy (it depends on what the core diet is in the first place), but in others, there appears to be multiple ingredients that are the offenders.

Enter NutriScan, which tests for intolerances to 22 different food ingredients.

Food allergy is an immediate reaction mediated by production of IgE and IgG antibodies. Food sensitivity and intolerance, by contrast, measures a more delayed body response to offending foods by measuring production of IgA and IgM antibodies primarily in mucosal secretions from the bowel.

NutriScan is split into two test panels, so you can order one or both:

Panel 1:                         Panel 2:
Beef                               Chicken Eggs
Corn                               Barley
Wheat                            Millet
Soy                                 Oatmeal
Cow’s Milk                    Salmon
Lamb                             Rabbit
Venison/Deer               Rice
Chicken                         Quinoa
Turkey                            Potato
White Fish                     Peanut/Peanut Butter
Pork                                Sweet Potato

Dr. Dodds recommends that dogs are tested annually because canine food tolerances and intolerances change over time.

I’m pleased to be able to offer this testing to my clients, with NutriScan test kits on hand and ready to be sent to the United States once we take the saliva sample.  Within a week of ordering my test kit supply, my first canine saliva sample is on its way.


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