Doggy pedicures?

It’s important to keep your dog’s nails trimmed to avoid injury to their paws and general irritation.  Some dog owners find that walking on urban/suburban pavements means that the only real concern is the dew claws.  Other owners, such as those on lifestyle blocks and farms, find that their dogs need regular nail clipping.

But beyond that – do our dogs want/need pedicures?

I’m talking decorative colouring of the nails.  Products like this one from Warren London – Pawdicure Pens – which decorate the nails in colours…

Pawdicure pens from Warren London come in a variety of colours

Pawdicure pens from Warren London come in a variety of colours

I love my dog and I love to include her in my daily life and activities.  But would I colour her nails?  Never!!!  I think that is over to the top and exposes her to chemicals she doesn’t need.  Looks like this one don’t excite me:

Dog nail polish photo

What do you think?  Would you polish your dog’s nails in colours and designs?   If so, why?

2 responses to “Doggy pedicures?

  1. Interesting….my answer…no! But whatever!! BOL

  2. Must Have Boxes

    So fun!

    – KW

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