Stopping random source dog dealers

An important message is circulating from the Humane Society of the United States this week.  I support it.

It’s about stopping random source dog dealers. These are Class B dealers in the United States who obtain dogs and cats from “random sources,” such as auctions, flea markets, or questionable means, and sell them to laboratories.  It’s very possible that lost or abandoned pets get captured and sold to these dealers.

The video you are about to watch is heart-breaking and shows dogs bought from one Class B dealer by Georgia Regents University for testing of dental implants.  These dogs had their own teeth removed in order for them to suffer the pain of an implant, only to be killed at the end of the experiment so the researchers could sample their jaw bones.

Watch the HSUS and then sign the petition to the USDA.  And once you’ve done that, follow the link to implore Georgia Regents University to stop using Class B dealers and to cease unnecessary animal testing.

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