Gotta Golden in the Lower 48?

golden-retrievers-fighting-cancer The Morris Animal Foundation is recruiting dogs for its Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  3,000 Goldens will be followed for life to gather insights that could help prevent and treat cancer in Goldens and all other dog breeds.  In the USA, the Foundation estimates that more than 60 percent of Golden Retrievers die from cancer.

Participants will receive periodic questionnaires about their dog to complete and also be reimbursed $75 towards annual exam costs (owners must agree to bear the remaining costs of participation).  Dogs must be purebreds, with verifiable three-generation pedigree.  Any Golden under the age of two is eligible.

More information can be found in this brochure.

If your Golden resides in the lower 48 states, this may be his/her chance to contribute to the science behind canine health and longevity.

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