Platty’s Story – A Golden Retriever’s Last Days

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, a story for dog lovers…

The Daily Golden

I love blogging about human kindness and happy endings. Platty is a year 10 year old golden retriever who was dropped off at a shelter in Tulsa Oklahoma.  His condition looked terrible, and he was a sight for sore eyes.


His sweet personality and general good looks drew the attention of one of the volunteers, Allie Elmore, who has since made Platty’s life a joy. Platty’s fate may already be determined, but his last days are being lived out with so much love and happiness, thanks to some really wonderful people.

Platty and Elsie Elmore - Platty and Elsie Elmore –

Platty has a huge tumor that has disfigured his face, and the biopsy has confirmed he has cancer that has spread to his lungs.  Platty was given a sentence of about two weeks.  His owner has raised funds to care for him, and has exceeded her goal.  She plans to donate the extra…

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