I’m a Liebster award winner

Liebster AwardI’ve been given a Liebster Award by Corso Mama, another doggy mom with a blog.  This award goes to blogs with less than 300 followers. and it’s my job to keep the ball rolling.

In receiving this award, I’ve been asked to answer these questions:

1.  Has your vision for your blog changed since you started it?

Not really.  This blog started as my customer newsletter which I sent via email and I realized that I could be more efficient by writing blog posts as I thought of them rather than holding back until the beginning of each month.  I aim to share all sorts of news involving dogs for other dog parents to enjoy.

2.  What have you learned from other bloggers since starting your blog adventure?

I’ve learned about things like Wordless Wednesdays – which I adopted last year – to share interesting graphics or photographs without the need for captions or accompanying stories.  And as I have connected to other bloggers, I’ve been able to share their interesting content, too.

3.  What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

To educate and raise awareness about “all things dog”

4.  Do you feel you are able to coexist with other bloggers even if they might express opinions that are different from yours?

Yes, absolutely.  The world would be a difficult place to live if we were all the same.  Bloggers should be able to have professional debate without getting nasty.

5.  What is your favorite blog (other than your own) and why?

I like Doggerel because Pyrrha is a rescue with unique issues.  Her mom is doing a great job with her.

6.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d probably split my time equally between the northern and southern hemispheres (Christchurch, where I live now and Massachusetts, where I grew up) so that I could miss winter weather year-round.  Of course, I would only do this if I was a) rich and able to own a jet that would allow Daisy to travel as a passenger rather than luggage and b) that border controls would mean that Daisy would not be quarantined upon re-entering the country. Sigh.  I don’t think this will happen.

7.  If you could drop everything right now and do anything you wanted, what would you do?

I’d go for a short nap cuddled up under the covers with Daisy.

8.  What is your favorite animal?

The dog, of course!

9.  What are your passions in life?

Well, I love everything to do with dogs.  Beyond that, I believe in professionalism and honesty in everything I do.

10.  Which do you prefer–rainy days or sunny days?

I kind of like rainy days because I’m more likely to stay at home and do some creative thinking.

11.  Which do you prefer–city or country life?

Actually, I’m a suburban girl.  Not quite the city, but definitely not the country.

And now my nominees for a Liebster:

  1. Nikitaland
  2. Bailey Unleashed
  3. Lapdog Creations
  4. My Pawsitively Pets
  5. A Bowl of Noodles
  6. Ruby the Airedale
  7. My Rotten Dogs
  8. The Elka Almanac
  9. Dobermann Daze
  10. The Five Dog Blog
  11. Dogdaz

And for these nominees, please answer these questions:

  1. Why did you establish your blog?
  2. When did you start blogging?
  3. Approximately how many hours per week do you blog?
  4. If you had one thing to do differently with your blog, what would it be?
  5. What’s one of your favourite blogs (other than your own)?
  6. What makes that blog one of your favourites?
  7. Since we can’t spend all of our time online, what book are you currently reading?
  8. Which do you prefer – pure bred or mixed breed?
  9. Do you consider yourself a dog parent or dog owner?
  10. Would you rather do a Crossword or a Suduku?
  11. When the weather turns cold, does your dog wear a coat?

5 responses to “I’m a Liebster award winner

  1. Thank you for the award! I appreciate it! It’s always interesting to read about other people’s experiences and thoughts with blogging.

  2. Ooooh, thank you for the nomination! I am so honored! I love finding out about other bloggers too, as the blogging world is truly exciting, fun, and you get to meet so many wonderful people! Hugs to everyone! Stop on by & visit us too! ❤

  3. OMD!! This is sooooo excitin’!! Thanks bunches for the awardie!! Ma is plannin’ a postie soon on it (she is REALLY bad at awardies, butts I will bite her hinnie to answer all the questions…bol)
    Oh, and Ma really loves naps too! BOL
    thanks bunches for stoppin’ by and meeting you!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Thank you very very much. We are honored to be Liebstered.

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