A smartphone for you and your dog

Motorola has unveiled the Scout 5000, a smartphone for dogs

Smartphone for dogs

The device, which is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, will monitor a dog’s health, track their location with GPS and allow owners, when they are not home, to speak to their dogs using 3G.   A microphone will allow the dog to be heard, too.

There is also a built-in camera so owners can check on what their dogs are up to.

Scout 5000

Motorola says the Scout 5000 will be available in the USA in June and carry a $199 price tag; a version for small dogs will be $91.  The device will come with a year of 3G service, after which owners will need to purchase a data plan.

Technology has, again, gone to the dogs!

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand

3 responses to “A smartphone for you and your dog

  1. Run A Muck Ranch

    I must get several!

    • My only concern about these devices would be the radiation from the active transmitter. There are studies about the long-term effects of holding your mobile phone to your head over time; and so I’d be a little worried about hanging these transmitting devices around the dog’s neck a lot. What do you think?

      • Run A Muck Ranch

        Personally, and this is just me talking, I think that is a ship that sailed around the world once, and is now going around for a second run

        Microwaves, cell phones, satellite TV, wireless internet,,,the only place to get away from it, well, there is no place to get away from it. It’s a wonder we all don’t glow in the dark.

        If the world were a little less full of radio waves, I might be more worried about radiation from the transmitter. As it is, there are enough outside sources of the same radiation that I don’t think one more source will make a difference.

        I read a book not too long ago titled Zoo. It was a fictional account of the animals of the world turning on humans as a result of too many wireless inputs in the environment. The only way for the world to be saved, i.e for the animals to calm down and stop hunting humans, was for humans to get rid of anything in their lives that cause these waves: cell phones, satellites, wireless transmissions, regular radio transmissions, everything we’ve come to rely on. In other words, the animals were destined to wipe out the human race. Though it’s fiction, it really does make you think.

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