The 9/11 rescue dog memorial

September 11th is a date that will be forever remembered for the loss of life in the worst act of terrorism ever experienced on United States soil.  While the victims and first responders have been honored in many ways, the search and rescue dogs have not.

Until now.

In the city of West Orange, New Jersey, there is a new statue that pays homage to the 350 search and rescue dogs who worked at the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  Made of bronze and weighing 5,000 pounds, it sits on a granite base.  The official dedication was held on 17 August 2016.

9_11 dog statue

In a media statement marking the dedication, Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose said, “Search dogs covered 16 acres of land at Ground Zero covered with metal and debris, and went where humans could not go.  This is a fitting way to remember how many families gained some sort of closure because of the work by dogs.”

The statue was funded through corporate donations.  It is located in the park in New Jersey where many residents gathered to witness the horror of the World Trade Center attacks, fire and collapse on September 11, 2001.

9_11 dog statue with plaque


One response to “The 9/11 rescue dog memorial

  1. The rescue dogs got depressed when they didn’t find survivors. Volunteers pretended they were rescued.

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