Greyt Vinny and his beds

As Izzy is a greyhound, I like the description of all the beds and their construction. Most dogs will benefit from a comfy bed, particularly as they get older.

one ear up! , ... and other stuff!

Greyhounds are boney dogs. They have very little fat or padding. Therefore they need a soft spot to lay. None of the greyhounds that have shared my life would be caught dead laying on a bare floor of wood or tile. There must be at least a rug between them and the hard floor. However, just a rug is rather insulting to a greyhound.

Our Vinny has multiple beds, just count them, . . .
I let our first greyhound sleep on the bed with me at night. This is not a mistake I made the second time. When greys take their share of the bed, they most always stretch out their full length and spread their legs across the bed. There is no curling up in a cute ball for a greyhound, no sirree. Even in a king size bed you are likely to find yourself on the very…

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One response to “Greyt Vinny and his beds

  1. Momwithoutpaws always makes sure I have plenty to nest in. She said she wants to adopt another dog but she wants one just like me

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