R.I.P. Oddball the Maremma

I only recently watched the film about Oddball, although I blogged about the Maremma project in 2011….our thoughts go out to everyone who knew Oddball or loved the story


Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. We three were sad to learn of the passing over the Rainbow Bridge of Odball, a world famous maremma.

Oddball the pioneer passes away

12.20PM: Warrnambool’s former tourism services manager Peter Abbott has described how the story of Oddball tugged at heartstrings across the world.

He said there were a number of Qantas passengers on international flights to Australia who changed their travel plans to visit Warrnambool and the home of the pioneering Maremma.

“When I was there we had people changing their travel patterns because they had seen the movie on their flight,” Mr Abbott said.

He joked Oddball took the glory for the work the other Maremmas had kept up.

“We always laughed that Oddball took all the glory and our current dogs have been doing it for nine years and Oddball…

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2 responses to “R.I.P. Oddball the Maremma

  1. How are things in Christchurch at the moment? I have been following the new reports about the fire. Makes you realise how vulnerable we all are to forces of nature.

    • Hi, it depends where you are in the city. We are in the northwest suburbs and so a good distance away; since I work with special needs and elderly dogs in my dog massage practice, I have posted on the evacuation page on Facebook that I can take in a dog for at least through the weekend and offer them a quiet place to rest. We all do what we can and for those of us who lived here through the large earthquakes – we are a resilient bunch. Thanks for asking.

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