A Ray Profile!

From my experience in Christchurch, I tend to agree with the author of this post. I used to go to the dog park a lot with my Daisy (she’s been gone for over 3 years, and we were together for 10+ years). But I see more and more dogs crowding into the space and more owners who haven’t trained them or show much interest in training them.

What do you think?

A New Direction Perhaps?

Below is a good side profile of our beloved Ray.

We had taken him to a large park/conservation area which included a “leash-free” area for dogs. Sadly, and as is typically the case here, you cannot trust other dog owners to be watchful of their dogs which results in some unpleasant interactions. The owners often don’t even notice because they are socializing! From my perspective, it is less of a leash free area for dogs to play in, and more a simple “dumping ground” that is fenced so you cannot loose your dog!

We are not prepared to let Ray loose in there however, there is a small dog area very close by. It is rarely used, so that is where we let Ray off his leash and see if we can coax him into playing fetch etc.

It is unfortunate that our leash free areas are treated more as…

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