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Extended beach ban in Auckland

The Auckland (New Zealand) Council is proposing to further restrict the ability of dog owners to exercise their dogs at the beach.  This is a sad day for New Zealand and for New Zealand dog owners.

The bylaw will  prohibit dogs on beaches from the Saturday of Labour Weekend (October) to March 31 during the hours of 10am till 6.30pm.

The Hibiscus and Bays local boards want the ban to end on March 1, which would allow dog owners 30 more days of usage of the beaches.  As part of their submission, they showed the Council representatives a host of pictures of empty beaches during the month of March – challenging the notion that allowing dogs on the beaches would restrict the enjoyment and rights of other beach users.

Responsible dog owners of New Zealand – fight for your rights – otherwise, there are many people very willing to take those rights away from you!