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A date in the red zone

Izzy has a boyfriend named Bergie who lives across town from us.  Bergie is approximately one year younger than Izzy, but from the day they first met on an organized Greyhounds as Pets walk, it was clear that these two really enjoyed each other’s company.

We make an effort for them to have dates on a regular basis; one of their favourite places is the red zone – this is an area in eastern Christchurch where homes were demolished after the 2011 earthquake; the residents were bought out by the government so they could relocate elsewhere because the land is unsuitable for building.  There are a few locations in the red zone that are fully fenced, allowing greyhounds the opportunities to do zoomies in a safe environment.

Bergie the greyhound


This area of the red zone is very sandy (which is why it isn’t suitable for re-building).  It is, however, very good for digging holes.  Bergie likes to dig holes for Izzy and she likes to watch…

Digging a hole for his love

Bergie digs a hole for Izzy

And greyhounds generally like to do zoomies (short bursts of running).  Here is Izzy chasing Bergie:

Izzy is now asleep in her bed after having a great day with Bergie.  (I think their next date will be at the beach – Izzy loves the beach!)

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, The Balanced Dog, Christchurch, New Zealand