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Doggy quote of the month for May

“Did you know that there are over three hundred words for love in canine?”

– Gabrielle Zevin, author

A spontaneous photo of Zevin and her late dog Nico taken on a sofa trashed in Los Angeles. “As soon as we were done, a random guy loaded it into his truck.”
Photograph by Hans Canosa, Zevin’s partner

In Defence of Dogs

John Bradshaw, in his book In Defence of Dogs, explains that most dogs today live in urban environments where they are “expected to be simultaneously better behaved than the average human child and as self-reliant as an adult.”  Yet, many dogs still retain their natural traits such as herding instinct which are viewed as ‘problematic.’

Add on top of this the popularity of dog trainers who insist on the theory of dominance, and Mr Bradshaw says that our dogs are in crisis and need our support.

Mr Bradshaw’s book is about breaking down misconceptions.  He says in his Introduction, “We must strive to better understand their needs and their nature if their niche in human society is not to diminish.”

Mr Bradshaw is a passionate supporter of dogs and his book demonstrates his beliefs clearly.   If you are a dog owner who is concerned about the increasing restrictions on dogs in our modern, living environments or you are simply open-minded enough to explore other ways of looking at canine behaviour,  then this book is for you!