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Click to give – and it’s free!

One of the greatest things about the internet is the ways it can be used to support charitable organisations, including those involved in animal welfare.

I like the Click to Give website.  Advertisers support the site with proceeds of ‘clicks’ going directly to the nominated charity.  This site supports the ASPCA for animals in need (and 5 other non-animal charitable organisations).

There is a simple registration process to become a user of the site and you are allowed to click only once each day.  You can keep a tally of your reward points and collect these to earn reward gifts or donate points back to the charities for more support.  For example, 400 points can be redeemed to vaccinate a homeless dog or cat.

You can also sign up to get a daily email reminder to ensure you click every day.

I hope you will sign up for the site by following this link: