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Grounds for dismissal?

Royston Grimstead, owner of an Aston Martin and a Border Collie cross named Luce, came home last week to find that she had chewed the wheel arch of the £80,000 car.

photo by SWNS

photo by SWNS

Some people found this story funny, with Grimstead saying that he felt the dog acted out of spite when she heard that he wanted to re-home her.  He then reported that the had re-homed Luce without telling her new owners about the destructive chewing incident (although with the coverage this story had in worldwide media, they probably have heard by now).

In my opinion, dogs don’t act out of spite.  They do act out of boredom and Border Collies are particularly known for their high intelligence and need of a job (plus other enrichment activities).  Luce was likely bored and found the texture and shine of the fibreglass appealing.

photo by SWNS

Luce, photo by SWNS

I don’t agree with the media coverage of this story for two reasons:

  • It reinforces the myth that dogs act from spite
  • It spreads the idea that is okay to give away a dog when you don’t want to work with them on behavioural issues

What do you think?