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The official account of PC Peach

PC Peach is a German Shepherd police dog at the center of a dispute between West Midlands police and the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK.

Peach’s fellow officers were annoyed when the Crown Prosecution Service requested a witness statement from PC Peach, clearly not realising that Peach was a dog.  So, to vent a little frustration at the Service, an officer filled out a witness statement for Peach:

Peach's witness statement

Peach’s witness statement

The joke ruffled feathers at the Crown Prosecution Service and a complaint was filed.  The officer who shared the statement via social media is now under investigation.

A little humour in the workplace is a good thing, in my opinion, and a healthy of way of blowing off steam in a stressful employment environment.   I hope that the investigators don’t get too ‘PC’ in following up on the official account of PC Peach.

Source:  The Daily Mail