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The sign I don’t like to see

No dogs allowed sign in Dunedin

I was recently in Dunedin on business and noticed these brass signs inlaid into the sidewalks leading to the central business area – No Dogs Allowed.

It makes me sad when I see these signs.  If only we had more responsible dog owners, who trained and cleaned up after their dogs, our cities would be more like those in Europe – where dogs are welcomed everywhere.

In my opinion, we can only stamp out poor dog ownership and training when it is seen publicly and acted upon with enforcement as well as incentives for being a good dog owner.  When we consistently restrict access to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ owners alike, we hide poor dog ownership rather than addressing it as a community.  Peer pressure as well as formal enforcement is a good combination.

Sadly, it seems the re-built Christchurch will also be off limits to dogs and their families.  We are not learning.

Kathleen Crisley, specialist in dog massage, rehabilitation and nutrition/food therapy, Canine Catering Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand