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A special yearbook photo

Yearbooks are a tradition.  They provide the chance to capture a moment in time which is usually a milestone in a young person’s education.

In West Monroe, Louisiana, a special yearbook photo was taken this year, of Presley who is Seph Ware’s service dog.


Presley and Seph Ware are featured side by side in the class yearbook at Good Hope Middle School. (Holtzclaw Photography)

Seph, age 14, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is  a progressive genetic muscle disorder that causes a loss of muscle function.  Presley’s job is to help help him with daily activities at school like picking things up off the floor, opening and closing doors and turning the lights on and off.

The Good Hope Middle School felt it was only right to have Presley featured in the yearbook since she has been at school every day.

Special dog!

Source:  ABC 13