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My dog, man magnet

Today I realised that Daisy is a man magnet.

Daisy close up January 2013

I have always known that she loves the company of men.  She prefers to have her hydrotherapy overseen by Chris (the owner of the Dog Swim Spa) rather than his female helpers.  And she definitely has a ‘thing’ for our friend Guy.  She won’t leave his side, even when she hasn’t seen him for months.

But today she proved she’s a man magnet.

This morning, we were walking down the main road and an older gentlemen who was getting back into his car in front of the ATM stopped me.  He handed me a dog biscuit saying ‘This is for your Boo Boo’  (Daisy was happy to eat it for breakfast).

Then, this afternoon, we were at the Styx Mill Dog Park with lots of families and dogs around.  Daisy took a liking to one couple and the husband in particular, a man in his late 50s.   Before I know it, he’s down on one knee in front of Daisy giving her this great big hug and then kissing her on the head!  The look on her face was pure bliss (wish I had my camera with me).

Needless to say, Daisy has had a lovely Sunday and will spend tomorrow no doubt dreaming of her male admirers.