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Most balls caught by a dog (with paws in one minute)

This title, granted by the Guinness Book of World Records this year,  belongs to a beautiful Beagle named Purin.

She’s quite the goalie!

The world’s smallest dog

Miracle Minny


This one really is for the record books – how small do you think a dog can get?

The world’s smallest dog, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is Miracle Milly.  She’s a Chihuahua who lives in Puerto Rico.

She is only 3.8 inches tall (see photo above for scale).

Since she is a Public Figure, Milly has her own Facebook page and, like many small dogs, her owner likes to dress her up for photos.

Miracle Milly in teacup

Norman the Scooter Dog

Norman holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest dog on a scooter.  Norman set his record, covering 30 metres in just 20 seconds, at a charity event in Georgia last July.

Norman is a French Sheepdog and he has his own website and Facebook page.

Here’s Norman setting the record (just in case you missed it):

The world’s tallest dog

His name is Zeus and he’s a three-year old Great Dane.    Living in Michigan, Zeus is 44 inches (1.1 m)  tall and 155 pounds (70 kg).  He’s a very big dog but he’s fit and trim for his size which is great to see since we are seeing more cases of obesity in dogs.

Here’s a brief video of Zeus at home:

The record for most dogs in a costume parade

The Guiness Book of World Records certified a new record on July 27th in San Diego, California and Petco Park, home of the  San Diego Padres baseball team.

The record was for the number of costumed dogs in a parade and the new record was 337 – lots more than the 200+ of the previous record.

Baseball parks from around the United States hold ‘bring your dog to the baseball game’ events each year.    New Zealand is currently gripped with Rugby World Cup fever, but somehow I doubt people here are ready to see dogs at Eden Park for an All Blacks test…

I hope you enjoy this video of the big day in San Diego.