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Using the internet to share information about dogs

The internet is now the preferred resource for dog owners looking for information.  But did you realize the creative ways people are using the medium?

Here are two of my favorites:

a)  Hope for Paws, a charitable organization involved in animal rescue, has compiled beautiful photos of their rescue dogs into a book.   With every download of the book, Hope for Paws earns 10 cents.  It all adds up.  Why not click today?

b)  Author Colleen MacDougall is publishing the first ten chapters of her book,  The Patron Saint of Dogs, online – one chapter at a time.  I’m really enjoying reading the book and can’t wait for the email that lets me know another chapter is ready for reading.  You can visit Colleen’s website here to join her mailing list.

Saving Cadence

Rescue groups often put photos and videos online to showcase key cases and the good work they do.  Every now and then, though, there will be a video that is particularly well done and with a success at the end.

As we reach the end of another week (yes, it’s Friday!)…here’s a story of a Pit Bull and her chance at a better life thanks to Hope for Paws: