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Printing for Less – a dog friendly workplace

PrintingforLess.com (PFL) is a Montana-based printing business that is also a dog-friendly.  Their press release for this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day proudly stated:

Here at PrintingForLess.com, we get to bring our dogs to work on a daily basis. We’ve found having office dogs helps with staff morale, builds camaraderie among employees, stimulates creativity and decreases employee absenteeism.

I’m a huge supporter of the pet-friendly workplace for all of the reasons stated above.  I recently heard a Chief Executive say that he uses statistics on frequency of employee sick leave as a measure of whether the employees are engaged with the business or not.   Many businesses with pet-friendly workplaces, like PFL, report that employee absenteeism decreases after the pet-friendly workplace is instituted.  That’s good news for employees, employers, customers, and the dogs!

Here’s a video (courtesy of YouTube) of Bodie performing tricks in the offices at PFL:

When you take a look at the PFL website, you can see that the company has a pretty special culture, and the dog-friendly workplace policy is only one part of that.   Watch the PFL culture video on their website.

Well done PrintingforLess.com!