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With a few rules, dogs and offices can mix well

“No one at the Ohio chapter of The Nature Conservancy enjoys going to meetings more than Annie. Once, she was even disciplined for attending a meeting to which she was not invited.”

The San Jose Mercury News has picked up this story by Associated Press reporter Melissa Kossler Dutton about the value of having a pet-friendly workplace.  This article profiles companies such as The Nature Conservancy, Replacements (which I’ve previously covered) and Extrovertic.

A dog in the workplace can help to reduce stress and provide another way for staff to interact with one another.  And walking the dog at break time forces people to get out and get some fresh air and stretch their legs (all positives for health & safety programmes!)

Of course, there have to be rules – such as excluding the cafeteria from the pet-friendly policy, and having behavioural standards which dogs must adhere to…but the firms that have adopted dog-friendly workplace strategies are in no doubt that they are effective.

(Oh, how I wish I could say that I enjoy meetings (I don’t).  I’m sure if I could bring Daisy to meetings, I’d enjoy them a lot more!)